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Atiu island coastline

Atiu Island also known as Enuamanu lies 187 kilometers northeast of Rarotonga. The villages are in the centre of the island on a flat topped plateau Atiu mapleaving the islands surrounding Makatea (coral reef) and beaches untouched and almost unvisited except by those seeking privacy, silence and tranquility. There are some 28 coral sand beaches, many of which are only accessible by climbing down the Makatea ridge and all are very secluded. The Three Grottos, which are pools under the cliff and linked to the sea, almost like sinking holes and Coral Gardens are worth a visit. Taungaroro is Atiu's best beach with beautiful white sand and swimming is possible at high tide. The coastline of Atiu is all coral reef cliffs and is quite rugged with sharp coral rocks webbed around the entire island. The inland tropical forest area is also rugged, bush clad and riddled with caves. Be sure to bring reef shoes or hiking boots for walking on the reef or visiting the caves.

The Anatakitaki Cave is the home of the indigenous Kopeka bird. The Kopeka rests in the dark cave by hanging parallel from the ceiling of the cave. A torch is used inside the cave to spot the birds and also provides lighting if you wish to swim in the fresh water underground spring. Excursions to the caves are conducted frequently and provide a real experience to nature lovers.

The villages of Atiu feature several island churches. The CICC Church is located close to the administrative centre of Atiu. Sunday church services are a special experience for visitors as you will enjoy the Cook Islands Singing. Women should wear a dress and if possible a hat. Men should wear long trousers.

The raised central plateau offers nature walks down the valleys through the lush tropical jungle. Atiu is also the home of Atiu Coffee known as a gourmet coffee in many parts of the world. A visit to the coffee factory is a must for visitors. Coffee tours can be arranged through our office.

Atiu church Atiu coast Atiu cove Atiu quiet roads

Atiu is also known for its exquisite Tivaevae (hand sewn patchwork like quilts). One of the the island's favorite works is the Moko (lizard) Tivaevae wall hanging crafted by Andrea Manske-Eimke. Moko's sister done in beautiful shades of yellow and black hanging in the Jetsave Travel Office downtown Avarua, Rarotonga.
Andrea offers workshops throughout the year (based on numbers) in the art of makig tivaevae and is known throughout the islands for her exceptional wall hangings and quilts. Be sure to visit the Atiu Fibre Arts Studio where a selection of Andrea's Tivaevae's are on display. There are two places you can rent vehicles from, Super Brown which has a selection of scooters and one truck and Atiu Villas which also has scooters and one Jeep.

The Tumunu came into existence during the period when missionaries attempted to stamp out kava-drinking in the Cooks and the men would retreat to the bush to drink home-brewed "orange beer". The Tumunu is a hollowed-out coconut palm stump traditionally used as a container for brewing the beer. Today Atiu has 8 tumunu (bush beer schools) that survived the missionaries. All retain some of the ancient ceremonies associated with drinking kava, although the container is likely to be plastic nowadays and the beer may be made from imported hops. Traditionally it is for men only, and women rarely participate, but the rules relax for tourists and any visitor, male or female, is welcome. Attending the Tumunu one evening is a must for any visitor. The village men gather in the jungle at dusk around the barrel of home bush beer. They pass ladles of beer around while playing the ukulele, singing and impromptu dancing. It makes for a truly non-commercial night of entertainment

Credit Cards are not accepted at most of the small business's on Atiu and there are no ATM's on the island, so please be sure to take enough cash with you to cover meals, activities, dining and any vehicle rentals for the duration of your entire stay.


Atiu - Atiu Bed and Breakfast

ATIU BED AND BREAKFAST -A superior 4 bedroom home with 3 bedrooms available for visitors. There is 1 Queen, 1 Double, and 1 twin – 2 single beds, 2 large lounge rooms and 2 toilets, one bathroom and a spacious outdoor deck with sun loungers for reading and relaxing in peace. The kitchen and bathroom are shared facilties. Enjoy the warm hospitality of your hosts Marshall and Jeanne Humphreys who will ensure your stay is a memorable one. Atiu Bed and Breakfast is located on the outskirts of Areora Village in a quiet tropical garden setting.Complimentary breakfast is provided and dinner meals can be included for an additional surcharge. Children 12 and over accepted.

Marshall Humphreys also operates Atiu Tours: The Anatakitaki Kopeka Bird Cave – home to the Atiu Swiflet, Rimarau Burial Cave, and Marshall's Discovery Island Tour

Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo
Atiu Bed and Breakfast Back Veranda Lounge 2 Lounge 1

ATIU BED AND BREAKFAST - rates valid to 31 March 2017 SINGLE (per person) EXTRA NIGHT (per person including transfers)
Single Room - Shared facilities $60 $85
Double/Twin Room - Shared facilities $60 $85

All Rates listed are per person NZ Dollars including tax. Includes tropical breakfast. Return airport transfer are $25pp. The extra night is room and transfers only including tax. DOMESTIC AIRFARES ON ENQUIRY

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Atiu - Atiu Villas

ATIU VILLAS - 6 self contained bungalows located on a hillside location overlooking the valley below and the tropical rainforests of Atiu. It is a short 15 minute walk to the main town centre. The villas offer complete kitchenette facilities, one queen bed, a single bed and private verandas. The kitchens are well-stocked with tinned food in the cupboards and chilled goods in the fridge with a system of guests oly pay for what they use. Atiu Villas also features a restaurant (Kura's Kitchen), you must book a table before 3pm of the evening you wish to dine at this restaurant. There is a swimming pool, tennis court and pineapple plantations within the complex.

Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo
Atiu Villas Standard Units Swimming Pool Family Villa and Loft

to 31st March 2017
Single(per person) TWIN(per person) TRIPLE (per person EXTRA PERSON CHILD
Standard Villa (max 3 adults, 1 child) $210 $105 $77 N/A $10
Family Villa (Max 4 adults 2 children) $250 $125 N/A $20 $10
2 Course Evening Meal $30pp        

All Rates listed are per person NZ Dollars including tax. An Additional NZD $25 per person Atiu Airport return Transfers. Evening meals must be booked and are available at $30.00 per adult and $20 per childAvailable for hire - Motor Scooter $25 per day and Jeep $55 per day.

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Atiu - Kopeka Lodge

KOPEKA LODGE - A modern complex with 2 family units of 2 bedrooms each and 1 single unit, located in a forest setting about 5 minutes walk from the township. The 2-bedroom units have a double bed and 2 single beds, with lounge and kitchen including fridge, cook top, coffee plunger, toaster and tea and coffee making facilities and sleep up to 4 persons. The single studio unit also contains a small kitchen with cooking facilities. All have private shower and toilet facilities, insect screens, floor fans and hot water. Outside is BBQ table with chairs under a huge mango tree perfect for reading in the shade and when the season is right, the mangoes are availabel for guests to use.

Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo Resort photo
Kopeka Lodge Twin Room Kitchenette Unwind under the Mango Tree

to 31st March 2017
Single Twin (per person) Triple (per person) Child
Studio Unit (maximum 2) $57 $57 n/a n/a
2-Bedroom Unit (maximum 4) $200 $100 $57 $30

All Rates are listed are per person NZ Dollars including tax.  An Additional $25 per person Atiu Airport return Transfers. DOMESTIC AIRFARES ON ENQUIRY

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Atiu - Taparere Lodge

TAPARERE LODGE - 2 Self contained units located in the village of Teenui. The units feature a single and double bed, mosquito netting and standing fans. There is a well equipped kitchen with stove, fridge and tea and coffee facilities, and private shower and toilet. There is only cold water with washing facilities available. Your hosts Auntie Nga and Papa Mokoroa live right next door and will ensure that you feel a part of the family.

Resort photo Resort Photo Resort Photo Resort photo
Taparere Lodge Single Bed Interior view to back veranda Double

to 31st March 2016
Single Twin (per person) Triple (per person) Child
Standard Bungalow (max 3 people) $95 $50 $50 $20

All Rates listed are per person NZ Dollars including tax. An Additional $25 per person Atiu Airport return Transfers. DOMESTIC AIRFARES ON ENQUIRY

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ANATAKITAKI CAVE TOUR - The Anatakitaki Cave is the home of the indigenous Kopeka bird. The Kopeka nests in the dark cave and locate their nests by “sonar clicking” when flying through the darkness. The Kopeka only leaves the cave to search for food, gather twigs to make its nest and spends majority of its life in pitch darkness. A torch is used inside the cave to spot the birds. If you wish to swim in the underground fresh water spring this is done with candlelight. Excursions to the caves are conducted frequently and provide a real experience to nature lovers. Book now!The tour duration is approximately 3 hours and operates daily. Note: Strong, non-slip footwear is essential for this tour. Your Tour Host, Marshall Humphreys.

Adult: $35.00/ Child: (ages 5-12) $20.00

MARSHALL'S DISCOVERY ISLAND TOUR -See some of the rich bird life on Atiu, Enuamanu, land of the Kingfisher, Pacific Pigeon, Long Tailed Cukoo, Pacific Golden Plover, Reef Heron and many more. Also visit a range of historic sights including The Cook Islands Christian Church, Captain Cook's Landing, the Coral Gardens and a burial marae. Learn of the people of Enuamanu and their customs. Experience the dramatic variations in bush and coastal scenery. Walk some of the island's spectacular white coral Book now!sand beaches. Relax and enjoy a tropical picnic on the Bondi beach of Atiu. Your Tour Host, Marshall Humphreys.

Adult: $50.00/ Child: (ages 2-11) $25.00

RIMARAU BURIAL CAVE TOUR -with the Humphreys Family. Join our guides on a walk back in time to the days when life was very different! Visit the maraes of Terea Mataiapo and Katara, home of Tu Tavake (the God of War), listen to the legents of young lovers, fierce warriors and feats of incredible strength. Walk the dramatic route taken by hundreds as they went to meet their death. Enter the burial cave and see the final resting place of their earthly remains. Note: Strong nonslip footware is essential for this tour. Insect repellent is advisable. Access to the burial cave places some restrictions on peoples physical Book now!size and ability to cope with confined spaces. This tour is not recommended for young children.

Adult: $30.00/ Child: (ages 5-12) $20.00

Book now!BIRDMAN GEORGE ECO-TOUR - During 2001 -2003, 30 KAKERORI (Rarotonga Flycatcher) were introduced and these birds are now thriving. In 2007, 27 of the colourful KURA (Rimatara Lorakeet) were also introduced. Local guide Birdman George monitors the survival of these rare birds. He offers a tour that includes visits to the known territories of the kakerori and nesting sites for the kura.
Tour includes lunch. Adult $50.00

ATIU COFFEE FACTORY TOURS -Atiu coffee is one of the last few coffees left in the world that is still organically grown and 100% sundried. The island offers two vastly different tours and if you have the time you should experience them both.

Book now!1.ATIU COFFEE FACTORY -Visit the plantation with Juergen or Andrea and learn about the growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and marketing of the special product. After, enjoy a freshly brewed aromatic cup of coffee on the verandah of the Atiu Fibre Arts Studio to take in the unique work of Andrea's the fibre Arts Studio. Adult $27.50 Child $13.50

Book now!2.COFFEE TOUR - with Mata Arai. This is a smaller coffee tour with a difference being that the harvesting, processing and roasting is all done from Mata's family home and on a much smaller scale. After the tour you experirence also the flavour of coffee which is flavoured naturally (during the drying process) with coconut. After the tour you can experience a cup of coffee and morning tea in Mata's kitchen. $30.00