The beautiful Aitutaki Lagoon is home to the world’s largest Bonefish. For fly fishermen seeking the challenge of a life time the “ghost of the flats” presents one of the most thrilling angling opportunities available.


The huge Bonefish( Kio Kio) of AItutaki are a challenge to catch ... and land. Itu's extensive knowledge of the flats and legendary fish spotting ability help tip the odds in your favor. Itu is a second generation Bone Fisherman, he and his brothers were taught about Bonefish by their father Richard and nobody knows the Bonefish of Aitutaki like the boys from the Davey Clan.


E2's Fishing will provide cold water, the best flats boat on Aitutaki, the best eyes on Aitutaki and a great day out. You will need to bring Tackle, Sun protection and lunch/snacks for yourself if necessary. Fishing Permits are NZD $10 for one day or NZD $50 for two or more days up to a week. Permits are to be paid upon arrival in Aitutaki

Prices include hotel transfers, drinking water and fishing gear. Please bring sun protection and snacks if you think you will need them