Snorkel Cook Islands is an expression of our ultimate ocean adventure built on three staunch core values:


Hosting our tours are Rarotonga’s most elite local watermen and internationally experienced lifeguards. Surfing, kitesurfing, ocean paddling and free diving is what we live for.
•    experienced lifeguards - equipped with rescue tubes and first aid certified
•    extensive safety briefing
•    premium equipment
•    snorkeling tips / education
•    reef friendly (Oxybenzone free) sunscreen provided
•    small private groups - no fins or turbulence in your face!

This is no glass aquarium! On the day, one of our favorite snorkeling spots is selected using local knowledge of weather and ocean conditions. All our spots are home to an abundance of REAL sea life. We enter the water with guidance from the gods. And in no way impact the environment or other ocean user’s experience during our “island time” hour in the sea.
•    no scientific names! 
•    100% Cook Islands owned and operated - be shown the Cook Islands by Cook Islanders
•    ecotourism - free snorkelling with an abundance of reef life 
•    take three for the sea - rubbish collection

The Snorkel Cook Islands experience reflects how we like to enjoy our playground. Using our background in lifeguarding and ocean sports we aim to deliver an experience suitable to all abilities. 
•    door to door transfers - your experience begins with car rides full of laughter
•    friendly Cook Island crew - we care about making sure you’re having the best time!
•    1 hour guided experience (we don’t wear watches...)
•    exclusive experience - you share the water with only a small group of guests 
•    local stories about our Cook Island past, culture and tradition
•    complimentary underwater photography - memories to take home and share
•    fresh spread of organic refreshments from our garden.